Want to be Good to do Good to get Good to see Good and to feel Good.


            Abubakar Adam Imam 


 In the name of Allah, the Entirely.     Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

1. The Most Merciful

2. Taught the Qur’an,

3. Created man,

4. [And] taught him eloquence.

5. The sun and the moon [move] by precise calculation,

6. And the stars and trees prostrate.

7. And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance

8. That you not transgress within the balance.

9. And establish weight in justice and do not make deficient the balance.

10. And the earth He laid [out] for the creatures.

11. Therein is fruit and palm trees having sheaths [of dates]

12. And grain having husks and scented plants.

13. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Holy Quran. Ar-Rahman (55 :1-13)


Science is observing truth in the light of head. Religion is observing truth in the light of heart. Humanity is using both the lights. And education is developing that humanity..


“There are two different types of students, those who want’s to study because they need it, and those who need to study because they want it.”


               Abubakar Adam Imam 


Making something out of something is good. But making something out of nothing is excellence. 


           Abubakar Adam Imam 

Happy new year

“The past is over… There is no control over it..

And you will rectify the future only.

When you set up things straight in the present.”


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